Nur Habib
Clad in ruby-red, Dunhill Desire Red Men EDT for men is a classic oriental wooden perfume gripping the attention of the young hearts that embark dangerous yet passionate journeys to reach their destination. Launched at the start of the new millennium- 2000, Dunhill created the Desire Red keeping in mind the youth centric target between ages 25 to middle ages 45 where men often would go that extra step to make themselves look prim and proper. This is for the men who desire to be in the spotlight focusing on drawing in attention from all around. Confident, savvy and electrifying, Desire Red men is definitely the smell of adventure. The opening accord for this perfume starts with a fruity essence combining the sweetness of apple, the intoxicating fragrance from orange blossoms, refreshing lemon and citrus filled bergamot creating a robust and vibrant combination of unstoppable freshness. The heart layer however is completely different drawing in earthy notes of teakwood and minty patchouli mixed in with the calming essence of rose. Moving on to the base, a serene yet impactful fragrance grasps your attention as aromatic vanilla gels in with labdanum and musk to create a striking fragrance. #justbought
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