Joshua Ogbolo
The Tesla killer? SU7
Yes, Xiaomi the phone company behind Redmi and Poco my soon launch their electric car, said to begin mass production by December 2023 and making it's way to markets in February 2024. The electric vehicle would have three versions SU7, SU7 Pro, and of course, SU7 Max. And powering the entire system is Xiaomi's HyperOS which was launched recently, developed in house to work on both smartphones and apparently cars🤷🏽‍♂️. This part, I like - it's not going to be just android auto and iOS in your face and it'll integrate well with the Xiaomi ecosystem. It would feature two power train options, RWD and AWD with 220KW motor and 495KW maximum power respectively. There's also the option to have Lidar technology for some mapping and smart vehicle location stuff. There are hints that the vehicle might sport facial recognition tech for easy access to the vehicle but we would have to wait for not so long to find out. Overall, I think they're going to give big players like Tesla and Lucid a run for their money, we already know how accessible they're making really good phones. So it's safe to say the competition in electrical vehicles is about to get even more fierce. Thank you for reading #tech #xiamo Do you think they can compete directly with Tesla?
Absolutely 29%
Not a Chance 21%
We'll just have to see 50%
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Without knowing much about the Chinese car market (apart from its huge), I suppose it could be a big deal there. It's a decent looking car, but there is something a little off about it imo. I'm love to learn more about the fabled Apple car or the discontinued Dyson project. Definitely something interesting about electronics companies getting into cars!
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