AM Aulia Masna
Exactly the same sentiments have always been expressed for the Melbourne F1 GP ever since the city took over the Australian race from Adelaide decades ago. For years you’d find protesters at the Melbourne Grand Prix because the circus brought fewer economic benefits than losses with evidence that the city lost money each time the race was held. Protesters also pointed out that the race week disturbs the neighborhood as the sounds of those 2.4-3.0L V8s-V12s reached far beyond the race neighborhood. Albert Park is a housing area after all, so people’s routes and access would be affected for the week. Today’s V6s are nowhere near as loud. The Singapore GP on the other hand, despite being held around housing neighborhoods as well, have seen little publicized protests. The racing circus there seems to be welcomed with open arms and many residents and visitors come to not just see the race but enjoy the accompanying concerts as well. You could probably argue that government-controlled media may have a hand in not highlighting protests or maybe the Singapore Tourism Board have just been really good at framing the race to the residents. And the engines are also not as loud as they used to be. #Formula1 #F1 #F1GP #racing #motorsports
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