Tyagarajan Sundaresan
Or Why India is Steampunk Technology, while revolutionizing many aspects of the country, thrashes jarringly against it in a million different ways. The really old exists with the really new. Data is being passed through brand new undersea cables to exotic server farms from a terminal running Windows 98. Cables break when the sewage department digs the ground, cutting off internet access for about a few hundred employees of FAANG companies working from home. People are forced with new technology at a pace they struggle to catch up at best and have mini panic attacks at worst. Scamsters wiggle into this grey zone, luring unsuspecting new technology users and cheating them of valuable life savings. Amidst all this, new Uber drivers, Swiggy delivery guys and death-defying BlinkIt bikers weave through potholes, drains, and cows, punch OTP into their phones, and wait for the algorithm to tell them what to do. Meanwhile, Ganesh pandals have QR codes, ISRO rockets, and robotic arms. My tenant copies and pastes a ChatGPT-generated message to argue with me about an issue in the house….. This is a little love letter to the little niggles of Technology across the dusty, bustling, chaotic and ever-changing streets of the country.
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