Scott Santens
Article about UBI that includes evidence from the Netherlands that UBI can lead to more employment thanks to not going away with work, and also evidence from Kenya that if people do quit their jobs, it's often to start their own businesses which then create new jobs thanks to having customers with money to spend thanks to the UBI: "We do see people [with unconditional basic income] leaving low wage jobs. They are going and starting businesses, and the businesses are doing great because there’s money around.” "This unexpected wave of entrepreneurship has also had a positive impact on those taking jobs that pay wages, as a shrinking of the available workforce has led to an increase in salaries." "In a study conducted by Groot and fellow researchers in the Netherlands between 2017 and 2019, unemployed individuals who were previously in receipt of social assistance were given a basic income. The study indicated increased participation in the labor market. This was not solely due to the financial support provided by UBI, but to the removal of conditions – and sanctions for failing to fulfill said conditions – traditionally imposed on job seekers, says Groot." "Specifically, participants who were exempt from obligations to find and accept work were more likely to secure a permanent contract – in contrast with the type of insecure work highlighted by Widerquist."
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