Apple plans to include Rich Communication Services (RCS) in late 2024, enabling new texting features between iPhone and Android users. The move follows Apple's shift to USB-C ports on its iPhone 15 series, allowing for enhanced compatibility with non-Apple devices. Despite the inclusion of RCS, iMessage will remain Apple's primary messaging service, with the company emphasizing its security and quality.
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Privacy Is A Human Right
This is not a noble reversal or anything. It's a business decision. "It follows their shift to USB-C ports" after the EU forced them to use the industry standard. It's the same thing with RCS. Apple realized they can't win a fight over the DMA and the deadline for deciding if Apple was a gatekeeper under that law expired the same day they announced RCS support.
Privacy Advicate
I am not keen about this. They need to make it compatible the way that google will have the master encryption key. Even if it’s just for meta data. What is known to be more useful for surveillance as the actual data
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