Jaber M.
Peri Peri Chicken was born here!
#localgems Nestled in a charming alleyway of Lisbon's old town, Bonjardim proudly claims to be the birthplace of the world-renowned Peri Peri chicken. This cozy restaurant, with its inviting indoor and outdoor seating, seamlessly blends the warmth of local hospitality with the vibrant buzz of international travelers. From the moment you step into Bonjardim, you're greeted by the attentive smiles of their friendly staff. Their impeccable English skills and genuine warmth set the tone for an exceptional dining experience. The waiter who assisted me proved to be a culinary guide, offering recommendations that perfectly aligned with my taste buds. As the chilly Lisbon air nipped at my skin, I opted for the chicken broth soup with rice, a comforting starter that soothed my senses. The broth, infused with the essence of slow-cooked chicken, was a symphony of flavors, each note harmonizing perfectly with the fluffy grains of rice. For my main course, I surrendered to the temptation of their iconic Peri Peri chicken, accompanied by a generous portion of Brazilian rice, a delightful blend of rice and chicken livers. The chicken, grilled to a succulent perfection, was a testament to their culinary expertise. The fiery dance of Peri Peri oil, served on the side, allowed me to tailor the heat level to my preference. The oil, with its pleasantly lingering spiciness, added a touch of vibrancy without overwhelming the palate. Bonjardim is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of Lisbon. From the warm hospitality to the explosion of flavors, each moment spent within its walls is a testament to their passion for food and their commitment to creating unforgettable culinary memories. Without a doubt, Bonjardim will be my go-to destination whenever my travels bring me back to Lisbon.
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