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Not for Nerds | I've Learnt How to Create Stylish GitHub Docs
I've created 2 READMEs 📚 for my GitHub projects over the past month, and I decided that using emojis in a small project's docs actually benefits the looks. Although, I had a problem: I couldn't find cool emojis that'd fit fast, so this AI service helped me a lot: emojisearchdotfun. I also learned about shields 🛡 (they're like stickers for programmers). I think this is the main service for them: shieldsdotio, but, as of now, I don't know a simple way to create and customize one using just UI. LOL... You're still here... Thanks for reading! Maybe follow and connect with your cool student friend on Threads and Insta: @alex_52784? #programming #coding #github #readme #development
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