"The Marvels" had the lowest-ever opening weekend for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. The film faced criticism from neckbeard and anti-progressive groups, citing Marvel's "wokeness" and Brie Larson's feminist image. Despite the bad press, "The Marvels" is an improvement over its predecessor and explores Carol Danvers' character growth with a new team.
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Dylan Beck
I thought she was cast well as her character and the characters attitude was fine for who she is in the MCU (basically a god). I haven’t seen the most recent film, the one referenced in this article, or the childrens show they released (Ms. Marvel). I think the lack of draw was due to toning a story down into something we’ve seen in other sequels and mixing a childrens show into it a la freaky friday. The audience have categorised it as a home release/wait for disney+ free release (with the new price raise) type of film. Will be curious to see if it makes the Nielsen when it is free. I doubt it will. Im not a major marvel fan yet I’ve seen them all; they have made some good films, especially production wise, and I like Carol Danvers but this movie had nothing going that made me want to see it (director/writer/actors, or general plot). It had all the appearances of marvel tv just as a movie.
Dylan Beck
I watched the first episode
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