Penises are more prevalent in some lines of work than others. And for researchers who study the biodiversity of insects, penises play a significant role in their daily workload – for good reason. “Genitalia are the organs in insects that evolve to be different in every species. As such, they are often the best way to identify a species. That’s why entomologists like us are always quick to examine insect genitalia when describing a species. The unique shape of each species’ genitals ensures that it can only reproduce with the same species,” explains biologist Aslak Kappel Hansen of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, whose work entails describing insect species. … The sexual organ of one of the six beetles immediately drew associations among the researchers. “This species is characterized, among other things, by the fact that the male’s sexual organ is shaped remarkably like a bottle opener. Therefore, we thought it is obvious to dedicate this species to the Carlsberg Foundation, which has generously supported independent research for many years. Their support for various projects, expeditions, or purchase of the scientific instruments at the Natural History Museum of Denmark contributes to the discovery of new species on our planet,” states Aslak Kappel Hansen. While the researchers have no inkling as to why the penis of this certain beetle evolved as it did, its shape has earned it the name Loncovilius carlsbergi.
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