The Philippines abstained from voting on a UN resolution calling for a humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas, showing its continued support for Israel and disregard for Palestinian rights. The Philippines has long supported Israel unconditionally, turning a blind eye to its violations of international law and human rights abuses against Palestinians. By backing Israel's disproportionate attacks on Gaza, the Philippines has positioned itself against its own interests and weakened its moral stance on the international stage.
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The Lebowski
Oh, the "disproportionate nature" of kicking a hornets nest you had kicked every decade or two for the last 80 years... Such a surprise! The Arab world uses the Palestinians as ready-for-tv victims with the express intent of buckling global support for an Israeli democracy under threat. If you had any respect for the Gazans at all, you'd recognize them as the media savvy, violent and manipulative group they are currently and have been since 1948. 30,000 hardened fighters, and 40%+ support from the rest of the population for the October attack. Oh, look, another tunnel under a hospital...
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