Bruno Mosquera Rodríguez
So, basically, the afirmation of the "significant other" is determined by the subjective construction of an ordered set of past events, giving the sensation of an "intended connection" or a "destiny" About this kind of thing talks about Nassim Taleb in The Black Swan, where he shows how the Arab Spring was totally unexpected, but when people try to construct the reason why it occurs, magically everything fits together. And in the context of a teen with no experience, blasted with set of ideals from social networks, or a young man/woman filled with bad experiences along their romantic life, things like "Invisible String" sound extremly sweet and valid for a person who wants to believe insted of recognice that nothing is predetermined in the long haul But the problem is not believing in this kind of miserable things, but to decide to still believing in this tale, clinging to the rope of a fantasy so hard that it starts to make your hands bleed oh, and this idea rounds up here in latinamerica long time ago as "el hilo rojo" theory. nothing new #relationships #dating #funny
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