Irina Semanova
Challenging a custom GPT to a game of Scrabble, I expected to lose. But not like this! 😩🤣
Sure, challenging an AI LLM in its area of expertise, in the field it is superhuman and pretty much godlike - I never expected to be able to win. But this... This is just 🧐. It just comes up with any random brand name or URL or abbreviation or whatever the heck it digs up from the depths of its weights, and it's all *something*. Like, "maxvest" is apparently some "maximum investment" company. And even an eerie-egg is some sort of game fanwiki thing. Note to self: Implement very humble and tiny AI algorithm that judges words. Letting GPT-4 predict the validity of its own words was a really silly move. "Logprobs says this is a fine word! I have predicted it as the best choice for a word, alas, it is the best word in existence, given my letters". Lol. Plus, it created an inverted weird matplotlib with invisible (white on white) words - but I'll take the blame for that, bad prompt / instructions. As opposed to the ChessGPT, this one is a work-in-progress, and I am just posting an intermediate step of AI-weirdness for teh lulz. Will post the link to the actual GPT once (or if) I manage to reign in the cheating shoggoth, so it just pwnz you into humiliation & oblivion with a fair game of real English words ✌️🤓
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