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As a creative, I STRUGGLE with pitching my ideas, especially when I'm not sure if they'll land: 💬 Is this copy going to catch someone's eye as they scroll? 📲 Will this creative direction actually mean something to the viewer? 💡 Are my ideas even hitting the mark? It's natural for anyone, creative or not, to wonder if their ideas really solve the problem. But getting stuck in a endless loop of self-doubt? That's the tough part. I stumbled upon Naomi Gleit's “Traffic Light” Approach. It's a game changer for sorting out whether my ideas are on point (or not 😆). It might be designed for product teams, but trust me, it's great for all kinds of work (ie, creative, product, marketing, etc). 🚦 Here is how it works ⤵️ 1. List Your Criteria: Kick off by noting down the key points for your decision. Think of them as questions and number them to keep things clear. 2. Weigh Your Options* Take a good look at your main ideas. How do they measure up against your criteria? 3. Color-Code Your Decision Matrix: Use red, yellow, or green for each idea against each criterion. It’s like a visual scoreboard for your options. 4. Include Team Input: Mix in different viewpoints in your matrix. It’s all about getting a full picture. 5. Summarize and Suggest: Once your matrix is filled out, pull together the insights and pitch a way forward for your team to chew over. 6. Make the Call: Study your colorful matrix, weigh the criteria, and make your choice. But hey, don't forget to listen to your gut. 7. Document and Proceed: Jot down how you got to your decision and why. Then, take the plunge with your chosen idea, keeping your team in sync. The “Traffic Light” Approach has helped me take a process that can feel subjective (ie, coming up with creative ideas) and add some objective framework around it. Keep this in mind: it's not about the product or the creative itself. People are drawn to what it solves for them. It's the experience they get from it, not the thing we create. Thanks Naomi for this framework. It really helps us steer our work towards delivering something truly centered around the consumer. ▪️ You can find Naomi Gleit's original Medium post here 👉 And if you use, here is a template you can duplicate for your own use 👉 #engineering #startups #career #google #meta #tech #gadgets #apps #productivity #product #creativeproceds #brainstorming
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