AC Angie Chang
Elon Musk appears to have learned the lesson that ardent Zionism can function as an alibi for antisemitism. As advertisers fled X last week, he suddenly announced that he was going to ban the pro-Palestinian slogan “From the river to the sea,” as well as “decolonization,” a buzzword on the anti-Zionist left. The move made a mockery of the ostensible free speech absolutism that was Musk’s excuse for allowing so much antisemitism on X in the first place. It did nothing to curb overt white nationalists on the site, many of whom had celebrated Musk’s “actual truth” post. But it was enough to earn him plaudits from some Jewish and Israeli spokespeople. “This is an important and welcome move by @elonmusk,” tweeted the ADL president, Jonathan Greenblatt. “I appreciate this leadership in fighting hate.””
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