Adding prompts to iOS ChatGPT messages Recently, I shared an iOS shortcut that simplifies getting webpage summaries directly from the iOS sharesheet. See With OpenAI releasing their GPTs allowing you to tailor your chatbot, much like Poe or Perplexity with a predefined prompt (and neglecting the API part), I was wondering if I could do the same for my ChatGPT usage on my iPhone. And turns out you can, again via iOS shortcuts. I created one that lets me choose a prompt from a menu, incorporating it into a ChatGPT conversations for quick and tailored responses. On top of this, you can continue the chat in the ChatGPT app itself. You can save the shortcut on your homescreen for quick access or open it from the sharesheet so you don’t have to leave your current app or article. Check out the shortcut via my blog and feel free to extend it with your own prompts! #chatgpt #openai #ios #shortcuts #prompting
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