Valentino Lau
In Nintendo's indie realm, Games of beauty overwhelm. Indie World, a swift display, Leaves us yearning, wanting more each day. Detective stories, animals stray, Clues collected in a seaside bay. Howl with tactics, puzzles so grand, In a blink, they slip through our hand. Devs get a chance to share their soul, A glimpse behind, a welcomed role. Ports and debuts, a mixed array, But how can we savor them in such haste? Eleven games, a mere fleeting glance, Two minutes each, too short a chance. Backpack Hero, a tale untold, Complexity hidden, secrets bold. Montage of seven, a blur of dreams, Visual novels and painting themes. Urban Myth Dissolution Center's plight, Deserves more space, a longer flight. Indie World, a showcase rare, For games overlooked, it takes a care. But let us slow down, take our time, Let these games shine and truly sublime.
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