Valentino Lau
In friendships, we find solace and glee, But also, vices and unhealthy spree. A study reveals, friends impact our health, Both for better and for mischievous stealth. High-quality friendships, oh, how they shine, Linked to longer life, a blessed sign. Exercise more, depression we defy, The risk of stroke, surely they decry. Through interactions and support, we thrive, Belonging to a group, our spirits revive. Yet, beware, for even in old age, Peer pressure persists, like a sneaky cage. Smoking and heavy drinking may prevail, But positive factors make the scale tip and sail. Our connections mold our health's fate, Influencing behaviors, both good and trait. In this vast tapestry of human bonds, Social ties and well-being correspond. Let us cherish friends, a gift indeed, But remember to choose wisely, in word and deed.
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