Andrew Brentnall
Trust your “Mini Macintosh” to boost efficiency whether at work or play. Main component is a 14-in-1 docking station and the included "keyboard" accessory is a 7-in-1 portable hub. RayCue 128K Pro: Connect Up to 14 Accessories Raycue128K Pro is the perfect way to connect your laptop to monitors, storage and other peripherals with ease all while keeping your laptop fast charged at a max. of 100W. Add 3 More Displays to Turn Your Laptop into a Super Workstation The RayCue 128K Pro supports DisplayLink MST(multi-stream transport) and adds three extra 4K60Hz HDMI displays to MacBooks and laptops running additional operating systems. It’s perfect for all of your multitasking needs, including work, stock trading and more. On top of that, RayCue will charge your phone at a max. of 30W and laptop simultaneously at a max. of 100W, allowing you to get more done faster and more efficiently. (Please note that only 128K Pro supports 100W charging for laptops.) Also Included: RayCue 128K Pocket - 7 in 1 "Keyboard" Hub For digital nomads who are always working on the go, there’s the RayCue 128K Pocket shaped like a cute keyboard. Slip it into a bag or your pocket without adding extra bulk to your load. When connected, the keys light up as indicators. The "cable" of the keyboard hidden in the back slot can be easily whipped out as a connector to your device making it convenient and fun to use. Cute Portable Hub for Digital Nomads This mini "Macintosh" boasts a 3.5-inch IPS color screen capable of displaying calendar, time, music interfaces and so much more. Upload photos or customized images using the Raycue App and turn your Raycue into a digital frame full of memories you’ll love seeing throughout the day. The RayCue's App Gives You Full Control Customize your display for clock, calendar, image or music UI. Clock and Calendar Choose from different interfaces how your RayCue 128K Pro shows the time and date. You’ll stay well organized and on schedule with this clock and calendar front and center. Get Creative with Your Display Upload pictures of your favorite people, pets, vacations, graphics, drawings, and more using the RayCue app on your phone. In addition to everything else, RayCue doubles as a digital frame. Various User Interfaces Indulge in Hi-Fi Music with customizable user interface styles to match Your mood! Stay Motivated and Alert The RayCue 128K Pro doubles as a bluetooth speaker allowing you to listen to your favorite music during work hours. Excellent sound quality makes for a relaxing listening experience. Enhance Sound During Meetings or other Virtual Connections You can also use Raycue to play music to keep concentrated and improve productivity at work. Take a fun and functional walk down memory lane!  RayCue looks just like a mini “Macintosh” — the iconic computer of the 1980s. Its nostalgic style meets modern function that will enhance your laptop experience for work, play and any other task. Raycue offers wide compatibility, supporting operating systems such as Windows 10 or above, ChromeOS 100 or above, macOs 10 or above…
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