#hiddengems Sunlitt is a versatile application designed to provide precise information about the sun's position and events throughout the day and year, all across the globe. Tailored to various lifestyles, it serves as an invaluable tool for professionals, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in search of precise solar information. Sunlitt unlocks the full potential of natural light by making the sun's exact position readily available. An overview of Sunlitt’s key features: - Sun Position Prediction: Effortlessly set the day and date to unveil the sun's exact location at any moment. The intuitive sliders make this feature user-friendly. - Solar Events: From captivating sunrises to stunning sunsets and all celestial events in between, Sunlitt keeps users informed about solar noon and midnight, twilights, golden and blue hours, azimuth, altitude, equinoxes, solstices, day and night length, and more. - Explore Mode: Discover the sun's direction anywhere in the world by pinning a position. Save favorite spots for easy access. - Weather Forecast: Sunlitt enhances activity planning with critical weather parameters like conditions, cloud cover, UV index, temperature, humidity, wind, and more. - Notifications and Live Activities: Stay up-to-date with real-time notifications and live activity updates. Sunlitt ensures the users never miss a beautiful sunset or the magical golden hour. - Widgets and Complications: Get informed with just a glance through Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets, as well as Apple Watch complications. - Personalization: Sunlitt provides customization experiences with alternative app icons, dark and light themes, dynamic type, and dynamic info bar personalization. - Apple Watch and iPad Integration: Stay connected to the sun's path across all your devices, enjoying the Sunlitt experience on Apple Watch and iPad. - Offline Functionality: Sunlitt works seamlessly without an internet connection, ensuring the user is always in control of the sun's position. #productivity #weather #gardening #real_estate #apps #design #architecture #startups #space #apple #ios #sun #solartracker #goldenhour #utility #newapp #uiux #appdesign
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