Jacob Barton
This should send you to the page to request an invite to the new real time AI art painting app. This likely uses Stable Diffusion and a new tech called real-time latent consistency model that is blowing up the AI art scene right now. It allows you to paint on one side and on the other it will render it in near real time. The quality isn’t as good as a full render but it’s surprisingly very good. Would be great for a starter image to then refine further in Stable Diffusion. Posting this early as it’s best to try and get an invite in the next round of them. It is invite only at the moment as it’s brand new but it should be free while they test it out. Once it’s done testing fully expect it to be paid though. For a short demo of it check this video out: #ai | #aiart | #stablediffusion
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I seriously want to get in to the beta! Krea looks awesome
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