Dom Alhambra
I’ve tried CBD several times and didn’t feel much of a difference. But I know those that swear by it for treating minor pains and relaxing. I think we’re coming up to a point where natural remedies are becoming popular — even if they might not work for everyone. We know pharmaceuticals *work*, but at the cost of people’s lives, especially with painkillers. But if someone could actually find a medicinal plant that benefited them, then they have a chance to get off the pharmaceuticals, saving money and supporting alternative medicines that truly help some people. There needs to be more good quality research into CBD, herbal remedies and mushrooms, because I think they do good, but we need to understand what good they’re doing, or else there will continue to be a lot of myths flying about, which only hurts the reputation of alternative medicines. I grow Lion’s Mane and find a good, subtle effect on concentration and focus when I take the extracted form. But I want to know why, and research hasn’t gotten into that yet. So I can’t sell my extract without a bit of wondering, *what’s going on when I take this?* And a skeptical market probably won’t try until this question is answered.
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