Maxim Khodatski
Key to winning the drone war
In modern warfare, where drones play an increasingly important role, it is worth mentioning the means that can counter them. We are talking about electronic warfare. In a drone war, having a powerful and most effective electronic warfare system is the key to victory. If we take the Russian-Ukrainian war as an example, Russia has a significant advantage in the field of electronic warfare, and we should mention their latest development, RB-301B "Borisoglebovsk-2", which caused concern in NATO. As for Ukraine, it was only in November 2023 that information emerged that Ukraine was developing its own powerful electronic warfare system, in which former President Petro Poroshenko invested. According to Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the creation and use of powerful electronic warfare can change the course of the war, and this is one of the main priorities for winning the war. #electronicwarfare #ukraine #russia #war #drones
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