dBrand to Replace Every Ghost Case
From dBrand: We have a handful of novel solutions we’re currently exploring, ranging from more exotic resins to chemically inert, non-yellowing anti-scratch coatings that can be applied through some form of vapor deposition. Assuming that at least one of these solutions is viable in mass production, we expect to bring a more scratch resistant version of the Ghost to market by April. While this date is by no means a guarantee, making the Ghost more scratch resistant is the top priority for our engineering & materials teams. For those who have been affected by a case that didn’t meet expectations on scratch resistance: whether that’s because your case arrived scratched or got scratched remarkably fast after delivery, here’s our commitment: As soon as our revised Ghost is ready - one that features both zero-yellowing and increased scratch resistance, we’ll send it to you for free. In fact, since we want everyone to have the best possible version of the Ghost Case, we're sending it to everyone who owns a Ghost - no matter if their case arrived pristine or scuffed, whether they’re satisfied or dissatisfied with its scratch resistance. Everyone is getting the improved Ghost. For free. This is for past and future buyers of the ghost case. If you visit dbrand’s website they are now telling you up front you will get two cases. #gadgets #dBrand
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I have a Ghost Case, I really like it, there is room for improvement. dBrand has a history of stellar customer service so I wasn’t surprised when I got the email with this information in it.
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