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Was a deal brokered by Trump to CUT 9.7 MILLION barrels of oil A DAY in April 2020 bad? A deal brokered with Putin, Saudis, & OPEC+. (Roughly cutting 10% of all worldwide oil production!) My opinion: In hindsight Trump did cut too much, with ZERO guarantees that our enemies would pump out more oil after oil prices normalized, that is the core reason for the runaway inflation we saw in 2021 & inflation we still feel now. The US oil industry aligned its interest with America’s enemies at the expense of essential working class, the ones that can’t work from home & have to use gasoline to get to work. Facilitating the eventual invasion of Ukraine by Putin. It’s quite alarming that the oil industry is now enticing the state of New York with an oil pipeline project, the same way they entice many mountain states to vote Republican with promises of oil pipelines that don’t produce oil, & are dangerous to health. Again PIPELINES DON’T PRODUCE OIL & we have enough pipelines. Bogus wasteful projects like these are attractive to swing districts that will decide who controls the House. I’m for a strong US oil industry but not if they continue to hurt the working class. What I would offer these swing districts is a more decentralized solar power grid. The east coast saw how the Colonial Pipeline was hacked. If you have power stored at home with your own solar panels it’s a lot harder for Putin to hack every home. I hope it becomes clear to the working class that the oil industry has not shown to be a good friend. What these swing districts can do is ask for investment in education & innovative infrastructure for themselves, JOBS!! Projects that can then be replicated elsewhere. We have to start thinking of win-win deals & get out of a zero-sum mentality.
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