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This article starts off with a matter of fact statement that frames the rest of the article, “The war between Israel and Hamas is being fought, in part, through disinformation and competing claims — and satellite imagery has emerged as an important fact-checking tool.” Any outlet still framing the assault on Gaza as anything other than genocide is pushing disingenuous propaganda. We are talking rocks and low grade weapons versus the best funded military in the world carpet bombing the entirety of Gaza. NPR sounds like Fox News in this article AI Summary: Satellite imagery becomes crucial in fact-checking and navigating the Israel-Hamas conflict as private satellite firms face challenges in publishing real-time images. The US government has a unique law restricting the quality of satellite imagery that can be sold when it depicts Israel, unlike other countries or locations. The restriction on satellite imagery resolution for Israel has been lowered from 2 meters to .40 meters, allowing for more detailed images of the conflict zone.
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