Tan Ha
Let's break it down. From typing commands to tapping icons, we're on the brink of another behavioral change. ⤵️ We will opt out of using apps and chat with our personal agent that handles our tasks for us. I love how Bill Gates opened up this article ( ⤵️ "#Computers are still dumb." And I feel like this is more than true. We are used to manually opening up separate apps to get our job done. But imagine a world where your #AI agent pulls in all your information, apps and workflow and actually completes real tasks alongside you. It’ll be like working with an executive assistant or travel agent but all done through a conversation with an AI agent. These 3 emergent insights from the article offer a sneak peek into a future beyond app dependency ⤵️ 1️⃣ Natural Language Navigation: Imagine speaking to your devices as you would to a friend, telling them what you need without fumbling through apps. This level of intuitive interaction is on the horizon. 2️⃣ Personalization: Future AI will grasp the nuances of your personal and professional life, tailoring its functionality to your preferences, schedule, and relationships, making digital assistance highly customized. 3️⃣ Single Assistant for Multiple Tasks: Rather than a different tool for each task, one agent will manage a variety of actions, from scheduling to shopping, streamlining your digital experience into one conversational interface. The future is no longer a figment of our imagination. You've likely heard about #OpenAI's latest #GPT innovation. And 9 days later, Alvaro Cintas-Canto has created a Personal Assistant GPT that integrates custom actions as a proof of concept: And this is just the beginning ⤵️ We will interact with AI #agent that uses multiple #apps for us, as opposed to us using 1 app at a time to get our task done. But this leaves us one question.. are we ready to adopt this tech readily?
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This GPT functionality will be huge. I’ve been playing with different GPT configurations over the past week and I have been impressed by what I have seen so far. By the end of the year we’ll see some really cool things coming together from this tech.
I can't help to think beyond just conversational interface to gestural, behavioral, and visually augmented interfacing with your agents. VR/AR is going to get so much better with all of this soon.
Deau Garçon
To do what ☝🏼did in the tweet you have to build out actions with your GPT. Though not hard, it’s a little bit more work adding the apis. This process will need to be streamlined before mass adoption of personal assistants.
Sean B
There will be a saas offering this within 90 days. Heck, 7 days.
Tan Ha
Only time will tell 😆
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