Cleaning Up Photos Cleaning up photos used to be a long and exhausting process for me. Until I built this system. It’s fairly simple, but the execution has a compound effect that I’m already reaping the benefits from after a year of using it. Each day (or each day that I remember), I go into Apple Photos and go to the search box. I type in today’s date without the year. This gives me any photo that I’ve taken on that particular day, for every year. This is a trip down memory lane for many years at once, while also giving me a digestible amount of photos to clean up. What starts out as 20 photos for that date, ends up being 4-5. It removes the daunting task of having to go through thousands of photos at once, but also gives me a system that’s repeatable. By doing it this way, I’ve cleared that particular date for my future self, for every upcoming year. And even if I miss a day, it doesn’t matter, because that day will come back around in another year, and I’ll just clean it up then. A simple, no-pressure way of going through photos. #photos #iphone #ios #apps #systems #daily #habits #process #cleanup #organize #delete #photography #purging #clutter #declutter #clean #minimal #simple #newsletter #website #blogging
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this is a great simple way of doing this without needing to trust any extra tools to clean up your photos.
That’s a great suggestion! Makes the daunting task of photo cleanup bite size.
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