Jacob Barton
I love simple apps that set out to do their thing and get it done in style. This isn’t a complicated app at all but it looks great, functions perfectly, requires no login, collects nothing, and best of all is free. It just suggests something for you to do and will send you to Google to search how to do that thing. Like I said it’s very simple but does it smoothly and gets rid of that bit of friction to find out how to do the activity. The variety of activities isn’t just the most common ones you’d think of either which makes it actually worth trying out. Nice to see them add in more social and personal relationship activities as well. Would be curious to know how big the database is for activities but with steady updates it won’t matter. Wouldn’t mind seeing some way to narrow down the categories or select from individual and group tasks but maybe done the road. Highly recommend if you get bored often and are up to broaden your horizons a bit on activities to do to cure that boredom. #app | #apps | #ios | #productivity
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Chris Ryan
I love this idea. I wish I had the boredom problem. hahaha Feels more like this would probably give me anxiety of more things I need to do. But I love the broadening horizons aspect!
this is such a fantastic app suggestion. I wish they had an Android version too.
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