Guillermo Del Toro supports Christopher Nolan's advocacy for owning physical media in the face of controversial streaming moves. Warner Bros. faced backlash for pulling movies from HBO Max and canceling releases, prompting concern for filmmakers without physical media releases. Del Toro emphasizes that owning physical media is a responsibility and highlights Nolan's promotion of the physical release of Oppenheimer. #film #movies #entertainment #warnerbros #hbo #cancel #hbomax ========== < [ #opinion ] > ========== Buy 4K discs, buy Criterion films, support the arts, support creatives - support physical media if you really love it; it’s about preservation and archiving which is the last thing streaming companies and corpos behind them actually care about. They do not care about access to artistic mediums of expression when budget vs profit is the game. This applies to all forms of physical media, including video games where we’re already seeing archival/preservation issues because of unnecessarily sprawling IP corpo control and fractures in the archaic & obsolete, pre-digital liscensing and rights structures; Don’t let them let the bottom line eat away our collective expression of humanity.
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