Discovered on *artifact (it could become a hashtag) thanks to @itsnicethat 🎁 : 🧼Lush, British company that sells in many countries around the world and drastically reduced its presence on social media for the past few years, has been using specially made materials for gift wrapping since 2009. Specifically fabric squares of various sizes and thus various prices, decorated by artists 🖼️With some of these decorated fabric squares, they created an exhibition in Glasgow: 🇮🇹But all available patterns can be looked at/buy on Lush's various national websites and (I guess, but I am far away) in their stores. 🇬🇧 ♻️What is special about the fabrics, besides the beauty and promotion of #art, is that they are made from recycled plastic bottles or organic cotton or vintage fabrics I must say that I am completely fascinated and attracted! Besides being a very nice idea for thoughtful gifts, I would like some for myself and my silly still life photos. Prices range from 8 to 20€ I think depending on the size: 50x50 cm, 70x70, 100x100. Tin boxes are also very nice. I may have discovered a new shopping paradise😏💸 Starting from this page (Italian website) there are several links to YouTube tutorials with ideas on various ways to use knot wraps🪢 We usually say that packaging is not important, content matters. But I feel converted to gift wrapping #discovery #artifact #artifactdiscovery #giftwrapping #sustainability #cosmetics #beauty #beautygift #skincare #itsnicethat
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