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What would get Artifact to completely replace Reddit for you?
More niche sources 35%
Better discussion support 30%
Allowing posts to a category 20%
Better happening-now support 10%
Reddit Gold / See answers 5%
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Deau Garçon
Moderation. It’s turning into a place where people post links to their personal blogs
That’s a good one! Obvious in hindsight, but definitely necessary
Privacy Is A Human Right
I don't care much about any of these. I want: 1. The ability (or the app to automatically) to consolidate the same story from multiple sources into one summary. It's exhausting seeing the same headline 30 times. 2. Similar to 1. The ability (or the app to automatically) to consolidate Links with similar titles. 3. Let me choose to disable the "Headlines" section since it doesn't respect keywords and sources I've blocked, or make it respect them. 4. Make the Links section respect blocked keywords and phrases. 5. Some sort of tag when a Link post is literally just a link (often to the poster's personal blog) and doesn't contain any actual content, or the option to auto-block these. 6. Subscribing to different publishers i.e. I subscribe to publisher A, B, and C, and can go to a section to see just content from those publishers. 7. RSS There are several other things that this app desperately needs so it'll suck less, but those are at the top for me.
1. More default publisher variety 2. Ability to save or follow tags/hashtags 3. Better contextual article mapping or grouping 4. More default topic categories
Ted H
Ability to actually see topics I want instead of rando self promotions
what artifact lacks that Reddit has in abundance: 1. ads 2. utter contempt for the community 3. attacks against those moderating content 4. efforts to undermine its own community via poor business choices. other than those vital missing elements, pretty much yeah
It already has. More niche topics to follow and make them more discoverable. Reddit was great when my subs were well curated. Artifact leans too heavily on their algorithm for the main feed. I looked at a single car article and now it is car obsessed.
Artifact is not a Reddit replacement. If you want to post then there are plenty of other places where you can do that. Artifact is for news, not likes
Sean Carrier
Reddit became what it was from the volunteer open-sourciness vibe. That doesn't coexist with the profit motive. I don't forsee any replacement, ever, having the opportunity they did to create a sustainable online community. Look at the history of corporations, they rarely if ever create something sustainable. That comes from people wanting to be there, if you want them to be there long term they cant feel exploited. You app asks me about push notifications incessantly. Stuff like that made me 1-star you, file reports .. i would have told a lot of ppl about this app, but it started the greed train right after incubation. Do something special or get used to being an also-ran. Reddit *was* authentic community. There is your answer.
Erick mgg
What Artifact needs to replace Reddit is NICHE topics or better SEARCH tools perhaps. I hardly use Reddit but the last time I went on it was bec i googled how to fix a specific noise/problem in my furnace & a Reddit thread came up that seemed specific to my problem. Was not too helpful but learned something I guess. Same for Quora, i googled a specific event (the cut of 9.7 million barrels of oil day in April 2020 by a deal brokered by trump that included Putin, Saudis, & OPEC+). It was asking in hindsight was this a good choice. Tangent: In hindsight, my opinion mixed with what others wrote was that: Trump did cut too much, with ZERO guarantees that our enemies would pump out more oil after oil prices normalized, that is the core reason for the runaway inflation we saw in 2021 & that we still feel now. The US oil industry aligned its interest with America’s enemies at the expense of essential working class, the ones that can’t work from home & have to use gasoline to get to work. It’s quite alarming that the oil industry is now enticing the state of New York with an oil pipeline project, the same way they entice many mountain states to vote Republican with promises of oil pipelines that don’t produce oil, & are dangerous to health. Again PIPELINES DON’T PRODUCE OIL & we have enough. Bogus wasteful projects like these are attractive to swing districts that will decide who controls the House. I’m for a strong US oil industry but not if they continue to be hypocrites. I hope it becomes clear to the working class that the oil industry has not shown to be their friend.
Multireddits (CUSTOM) , and just more UI focus/ease-of-viewing on sections and comments. Getting a more easter egg, fun vibe wouldn't hurt. Put effort into the in-jokes, community. And definitely custom sections/subreddits.
Zack Wall
Artifact can't be a Reddit replacement without completely changing its core, which it absolutely should not do. I use reddit for gaming communities and political stuff and I don't want to see any of that here. I use Artifact for personalized news stories on topics I enjoy reading about. I don't care for links or posts or anything social besides discussion comments on articles. Artifact should not try to be an "everything app". It's great at what it already does.
Gravity SB
More interests to choose from!
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