Narain Jashanmal
Wemby hype is starting to get out of hand. Yes, he’s doing amazing things and, yes, those things will alter the game. And, yes he is the protoype that scouts will try to find, and teams try to cultivate and develop. But, the Spurs are probably going to finish this season with a similar, possibly worse record (they’ on pace for 20-21 wins this season) with Wemby, than last season (22 wins) when they were “chasing” the top pick. Jordan added 11 incremental wins for the Bulls in his rookie year and LeBron added 18 to Cavs in his. Both joined bad teams, in Jordan’s case a mediocre, dysfunctional one, in LeBron’s case, the team with the worst record in the league. Pop set low expectations for this team, and that’s how it’s playing out. But it is interesting that for all Wemby’s abilities, and the impact he can have, it’s not translating into incremental wins. It is an issue of team construction, on offense he needs teammates who set him up with a steady stream of pinpoint lobs high up above over everyone else that only he can reach, and that he can pass to on the perimeter for them to reliably hit threes at an above league average rate. On defense, they need to be strong perimeter defenders who funnel players to, and a solid post partner who can take rebounding pressure off him and handle the strong side so that he can roam on and from the weak side. Point being, yes, he will likely alter the game, but which is the same thing that Jordan and LeBron did in their eras (they were also prototypes as players, and their teams became templates for team construction also). So, let’s just keep that in perspective. #nba #wemby #jordan #lebron #spurs #bulls #cavs
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Narain Jashanmal
An interesting thought experiment is to consider what type of impact Wemby would have if he were surrounded by a much stronger team, like Chet Holmgren (who is being eclipsed by the Wemby hype) is in OKC:
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