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How biased Germany is about OpenAI and Sam Altman (transcript, media update)
Maybe you saw my rants and how I despise Germany somewhere. This is just such a perfect example, I had to post it. But please don't just believe it. Search for "Heise KI update", and then check it yourself [I used whisper large-v3 for transcribe and translate; incidentally, by OpenAI]. It's at the beginning after the blah blah intro, but still quite at the beginning. Use it as subtitles. Notice how the original voice sounds arrogant and superior in her explanation, and how she deviates to Worldcoin by Sam Altman being controversial, and then going on about the "very dirty business of it in Africa". Say what you will, but you can't argue that this has nothing to do with the current CEO or not roulette at OpenAI. Talking about OpenAI, I should apply there. I am not a ML engineer, but - I could apply as a cleaner. Anything to get the hell away from Germany. Here's the transcript, but again, please don't believe it before verification. Use OpenAI whisper, free on GitHub, and verify that Heise is indeed part of the "German media landscape": [00:12.580 --> 00:17.120] Now, however, the general manager of the company has taken a completely different [00:17.120 --> 00:24.480] path and appointed the former CEO and co-founder of Twitch, Emmett Shear, as interim CEO. [00:24.480 --> 00:29.920] He will take over the post of Mira Murati, who had worked closely with Altman. [00:29.920 --> 00:35.740] Eva-Maria Weiß from heise online brings some clarity to all this. [00:35.740 --> 00:39.280] We probably don't have to worry about Sam Altman now. [00:39.280 --> 00:44.680] He and his co-founder Greg Brockman also wrote about this on ex, i.e. former Twitter. [00:44.680 --> 00:49.360] Brockman was initially kicked out of his chairmanship. [00:49.360 --> 00:54.880] However, he then announced it himself. The two seem to be quite close to each other. [00:54.880 --> 00:59.380] And with the two, a whole series of colleagues are now also taking part, [00:59.380 --> 00:59.880] who are in charge of the whole thing. [00:59.880 --> 00:59.900] And with the two, a whole series of colleagues are also taking part, who are in charge of the whole thing. [00:59.900 --> 01:02.080] In this matter, either is yet in his position or he will leave the agency. [01:02.080 --> 01:02.960] OPC. [01:02.960 --> 01:17.340] If can all [01:17.340 --> 01:24.300] take part in the project. [01:24.300 --> 01:29.860] If he takes office at a legal and regulatory level, the company is guaranteed to succeed. [01:29.860 --> 01:41.860] We don't know what exactly happened, but it's all about mistrust, it's about loss of trust and it's about the accusation of not having communicated sufficiently to the board. [01:41.860 --> 01:43.860] That's a big deal. [01:43.860 --> 01:54.860] I think the decision to separate from Altman also feels quite courageous, because OpenAI and the whole hype are very closely linked to the person Altman. [01:54.860 --> 02:03.860] He has continued to fire the hype wonderfully, whether it was by warning how dangerous the technology was. [02:03.860 --> 02:09.860] That's also a marketing trick to give yourself more and more meaning. [02:09.860 --> 02:14.860] Almost everyone knows Altman's face now. [02:14.860 --> 02:21.860] Last time he traveled around the world like a pop star and did advertising for his company. [02:21.860 --> 02:24.860] And very many very important ones. [02:24.860 --> 02:27.860] He has met many important politicians. [02:27.860 --> 02:30.860] But he probably won't be bored now either. [02:30.860 --> 02:35.860] Altman has, for example, founded the crypto startup WorldCoin. [02:35.860 --> 02:39.860] However, it is a rather questionable company. [02:39.860 --> 02:49.860] It means that WorldCoin wants to create a fair universal basic income that is of course based on its own crypto currency. [02:49.860 --> 02:53.860] And in fact, people have to have their iris scanned for this. [02:53.860 --> 02:54.860] So that's what we're talking about. [02:54.860 --> 02:55.860] It's not just an eye. [02:55.860 --> 02:57.860] As an ID proof. [02:57.860 --> 03:07.860] And there is already a very dirty trade with exactly such scans, which of course affects the poorest people in the world. [03:07.860 --> 03:09.860] In the end, especially in Africa. [03:09.860 --> 03:13.860] A lot of data is being collected there. [03:13.860 --> 03:17.860] And that all this is always only for the benefit of the entire humanity. [03:17.860 --> 03:22.860] Well, we know that such projects have mostly gone wrong so far. [03:22.860 --> 03:23.860] Thank you, Eva. [03:23.860 --> 03:31.860] In the meantime, Microsoft announced that Altman and Greg Brockman, one of the co-founders of the company, will be set up. [03:31.860 --> 03:38.860] Brockman, together with other leading researchers, has announced solidarity with Altman at OpenAI. [03:38.860 --> 03:44.860] Altman and Brockman are now supposed to lead an innovative research lab at Microsoft. [03:44.860 --> 03:52.860] The group thus strengthens the in-house competencies for AI development, but has so far remained in partnership with OpenAI. [03:52.860 --> 04:00.860] How this story will continue to develop is still completely unclear at the time of this podcast recording. [04:00.860 --> 04:05.860] Of course, we will keep you up to date on Heise Online on all further developments. [04:05.860 --> 04:09.860] And tomorrow there will be a new AI update again.
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