Jacob Barton
This is the third and final link of MidJourney tools and is probably the least likely to be used very heavily but still fun. It will take any style code and break it down for you. Each time you convert the style code you will get the following: - Link to style tuner page with selected images needed for style - Alternate link to a style tuner page that will give you the same result if used - Instructions on which images in which rows to select - A fun inverted style that is usually useless but interesting to mess with I am not fully sure how the alternate link works as each code I tested sent you to the same set of 128 images but with different ones selected. This makes it seem like there is only a set amount of possible styles but if true that is still 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 possibilities so we should be just fine. I tested the alternate style code on one of mine and the image was exactly the same. The inverted image was also very interesting for a couple and came out to pretty close what I'd expect to be the inverted style. Lastly you can create random styles with the bottom part of the page. Odds of something useful coming out of this is kinda slim but I still really enjoy the completely random stuff that can be made sometimes so it's worth a bit of time. #aiart | #data | #midjourney | #reference
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