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As of November 2023, the world's fastest internet is in China, with a speed of 1.2 terabits per second (Tbps). This network, which is part of China's Future Internet Technology Infrastructure (FITI), can transmit data equivalent to 150 high-definition films in just one second. The network spans over 3,000km of optical fibre cabling, linking Beijing, Wuhan, and Guangzhou. This achievement was a collaboration between Tsinghua University, China Mobile, Huawei Technologies, and Cernet Corporation[1]. However, it's important to note that this speed is not yet available to the general public. For average internet speeds accessible to consumers, Taiwan leads with an average connection speed of 85.02 Megabits per second (Mbps), followed by Singapore with 70.86 Mbps, and Jersey with 67.46 Mbps[2]. In terms of mobile internet speeds, South Korea tops the list with an average connection speed of 52.4 Mbps[2]. The fastest internet speed ever recorded was 319 Tbps, achieved by researchers at Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. However, this speed is not yet commercially available[3][4]. It's also worth noting that internet speeds can vary greatly depending on the country and even within regions of the same country. For instance, the average internet connection speed in the United States is 32.89 Mbps, with New Jersey having the fastest average connection of 52 Mbps[2].
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