Automating my house via Homebridge in Apple Homekit Ever since we built our house, we've integrated various smart home tools like Niko Home Control, Nest for fire protection, and solar screens from different suppliers. While each tool came with its own app, my love for organization and automation led me to seek a unified solution. Enter Homebridge, a platform that lets you integrate non-HomeKit-supported devices. With a vast community of integrations, it covers everything from Nest cameras to Ring doorbells and Hue lights, totaling over 2000 options. To run Homebridge, I opted for a Raspberry Pi, keeping it efficient and not requiring a computer running all day. The installation was a breeze, thanks to a helpful tutorial. After that, I added each tool's integration, configured credentials, and voilà! Now, I can control all these devices seamlessly through my Apple devices using HomeKit. The best part? I can create custom automations with multiple steps and devices. For instance, I set up a quick automation to turn on all lights when the Nest protection triggers a warning. This article is written from an Apple perspective, however, Homebridge is also compatible with Google Home if you want it on Android. #automation #apple #homekit #homebridge #googlehome
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I'm going to make a post on this subject soon 😉 I have almost the same configuration as you 😅
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