Jacob Barton
This is the second of three links and likely the most important one. This takes the information from the first doc and breaks it down in a way that allows you to essentially create tuned styles without using MidJourney hours/credits. It's not the best way to get exactly what you want as you can't see the images or guide it but it can get you very close and create some unique styles all for free. You just have to adjust the sliders on each row in the direction that you want the style to mimic and it will give you style codes. There is the single style code which should be good enough for most but also multiple style codes stacked on each other connected with "-" which just lets you combine multiple styles. If you add more than one style the percentage of each will be equal so two styles means each gets 50% weight and four styles means they each get 25% weight. If you are a MidJourney user that considers themselves a power user or heavy user this should come in very handy. As time goes on I fully expect the descriptions of each to get better and more refined and hopefully some image examples when hovering over them for better understanding. #aiart | #data | #midjourney | #reference
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