Community Rules

Last updated: September 2023

These rules are designed to create a space where healthy and open discussion can thrive. Violations of the Community Rules could result in removal of the violating content, reduced Reputation score, suspension from posting, or account deletion. Actions will depend on the severity and frequency of the violations.


Hateful & Abusive Content

Hate Speech

  • You may not threaten, harass, or promote violence against other people or groups on the basis of protected characteristics such as: race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
  • Violations include:
    • Dehumanizing speech intended to debase or devalue a person or group
    • Slurs, tropes, stereotypes, or other pejorative content
    • Content that incites or encourages others to discriminate or harass
    • Expressions of contempt, disgust, or dismissal of protected groups or their legal rights
    • Mocking and claims of inferiority based on physical, mental or moral generalizations
    • Mocking, denial, or glorification of mass casualty events, such as genocides or lynchings, or of hate crimes and victims
    • Encouraging others to impede the economic opportunity or legal rights of a protected group

Bullying, Harassment & Threats

  • You may not post content that seeks to harm, intimidate, or threaten.
  • Violations include:
    • Content that is intentionally inflammatory or off-topic, posted to provoke or disrupt discussions
    • Repeated commenting that is unwanted or unanswered
    • Content hoping for serious harm to fall on a person or group
    • Statements of intent or calls of action to commit violence or intimidate a person
    • Use of insults or profanity to troll, intimidate, or harass others
    • Unwanted sexual advances or content that sexually objectifies an individual without their consent
    • Statements of admission to conducting violent acts against others (except in self-defense)

Violence & Hateful Entities

  • Terrorists, hate groups, and extremist organizations are prohibited from using Artifact. Any content that promotes the activities of violent groups is also prohibited.


Personal Information

  • Do not share another individual’s personal data.
  • Violations include:
    • Address or information that can help one locate an individual
    • Financial data, including credit card or bank account
    • Phone numbers or email addresses

Sensitive Content


  • You may not promote, glorify, or encourage self-harm or suicide. We define self-harm to include disordered eating (e.g., bulimia, anorexia) or self-injury (e.g., cutting, burning).
  • Violations include:
    • Encouraging someone to physically hurt themself or commit suicide
    • Seeking encouragement from others to self-harm or commit suicide
    • Sharing methods or instructions related to self-harm or suicide

Graphic & sexually explicit content

  • You may not post content that (i) is excessively disturbing, explicit, or violent or (ii) seeks to use shock value, or sensationalist language to incite engagement or interest from other users.


Illegal activities

  • You cannot use Artifact to perpetuate, commit, or promote crimes as governed by local laws.
  • The sale of illegal goods as governed by local laws, including but not limited to drugs, weapons, counterfeit goods, and stolen items is strictly prohibited.

Non-consensual or underage sexual exploitation

  • You may not post any content that promotes any non-consensual or abusive sexual activity.
  • Violations include:
    • Sexual harassment and non-consensual sexual content: Content that promotes or facilitates sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual acts, or sexual violence
    • Sexualized content involving minors: Content that sexualizes minors, including but not limited to images, or text that depicts children in a sexual context or promotes sexual activity involving minors
    • Child grooming: Content or activity that is intended to groom or sexually exploit minors, including but not limited to communication with minors for sexual purposes

Integrity & Authenticity


  • Posing as another person, organization, or entity without their consent is prohibited. We consider the context when evaluating violations. For instance, using impersonation in the service of parody or humor is permissible but must be clearly marked.
  • Violations include:
    • Using another person's name or identity without their consent
    • Using our platform to deceive other users by posing as a celebrity, government official, authority, or business.


  • The term “misinformation” is used to generally indicate that a claim is proven false or deceptive by an authority on the subject.
  • We believe there are specific types of misinformation that are especially damaging and we will remove comments in these cases:
    • Election interference: Information intended to suppress voting through confusion or intimidation or misreport election results
    • Physical harm or health: Claims that pose risks to physical safety.
    • Manipulated media: video or links to content created by technologies like AI and intended to be falsely attributed to politicians, governments or other authorities.


  • Inauthentic engagement
    • We do not permit activities that compromise platform integrity or disrupt other users’ experience.
    • Violations include:
      • Selling or purchasing views, votes, comments, or actions
      • Posting repetitive content that promotes a product or service
      • Employing artificial traffic generation tools or bot accounts to generate votes, comments, or any activity
      • Participating in concerted or manipulative behavior such as the use of multiple accounts to exert influence on others
  • Advertisements & Commercial Content
    • We ask that you refrain from posting advertising based content.


  • Copyright infringement is prohibited on our platform. Users must ensure that they have the necessary rights and permissions to use and share any copyrighted content.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring that any content they post on our platform does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.